Rhodes University, Clock Tower, Administration Building, View of the City of Grahamstown

Grahamstown, one of South Africa's best loved little cities.

Why she is so unique?

Our unique little city lies in a valley surrounded by rolling hills of natural flora, in the heart of the Eastern Cape's Big game country, attracting both national and international tourists. She is positioned 60km from the coast, a weekend retreat for many.

She is fondly referred to as the "City of Saints", with more than 40 places of worship. Grahamstown has become the art's festival capital of South Africa and annually attracts more than 30 000 festinos.

Grahamstown Cathedral, Church Square, Rhodes Clock Tower

She has also become home to the annual Sasol Sci-Fest, both of which draw international visitors. Grahamstown is world-renowned for its academic institutions.

Rhodes University and the many excellent schools coexist here, bringing a young vibe to this 1820 Settler City.

1820 Settlers National Monument, Grahamstown Cathedral

Grahamstown's rich history began in 1812, when Colonel John Graham, established it as a military outpost. It began to grow and thrive as Settler families left their farms to establish themselves in familiar trades. 1820 Settler cottages and the many national monuments can still be found nestled under ancient oak trees and jacarandas.

Grahamstown is rooted in the affections of its inhabitants and stirs within each a deep love. Deep friendships and family ties are naturally formed in this close-knit community, an ideal city to raise your family.